In July 2023, Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp officially unveiled the X440 in the Indian market. This new model marked many firsts for all the parties involved. For starters, it was Harley-Davidson’s smallest modern motorcycle, as well as the only bike in its current roster to rock a single-cylinder engine. For Hero MotoCorp, it was also a significant milestone, as it marked the first fruit of its partnership with the MoCo.

We know that India is one of, if not the biggest motorcycle market in the entire world. As such, there’s quite a large enthusiast base in the Asian country, a lot of which gravitate towards smaller-displacement machines with accessible price tags. The release of the X440 brings the otherwise unreachable Bar and Shield to the masses, not only because of its more affordable price tag, but also because of its accessible proportions and performance. That being said, it was only a matter of time before people started customizing the X440. After all, it’s a bike that’s just begging to be customized straight off the showroom floor.

Rajputana Customs Harley X440 - Fuel Tank

Don’t get me wrong, the Harley X440 is a good looking bike straight out of the factory, but its neo-retro styling makes it the perfect platform for customizers to unleash their creative potential – much like Royal Enfield’s selection of classic-inspired two-wheelers. Indeed, Harley-Davidson themselves took to social media recently to tease an upcoming custom build based on the new X440. The custom bike takes an interesting path, too, straying away from the low-slung chopper builds that have become associated with the Harley name.

New Images Of Upcoming Harley-Davidson X440 Released In India

While the bike is still far from complete, the custom build takes the form of a scrambler, complete with taller ground clearance and rugged components for a more off-road-ready look. It’s being built by Rajputana Customs, a workshop based in Jaipur. If you take a look at their Instagram account, you’ll see a wide selection of builds ranging from classic-style cruisers, bobbers, and even customized sportbikes. As for the custom X440, it’s expected to be showcased during the India Bike Week 2023, scheduled for December 8 and 9 in Goa’s picturesque, palm tree-laden landscape.


Rajputana Customs has been building bikes for 14 years now, and in total, has rolled out more than 150 custom builds. As such, expectations for the custom X440 are understandably high. Adding to the hype is that this is the first official custom build that uses the X440 as a platform, and will more than likely lay the foundations for a healthy and solid aftermarket scene for this new model.

Rajputana Customs Harley X440 - Rear Suspension

As for the custom build, Rajputana is clearly sparing no expenses when it comes to making sure this bike not only looks good, but can perform off-road, too. For starters, the bike gets taller suspension with an Ohlins gas-charged monoshock at the back. A new aluminum subframe and swingarm were also created, and knobby tires on wire-spoke wheels fitted for a rugged look and off-road capability. According to Rajputana Customs, the custom build will be lighter than the stock bike, tipping the scales at 190.5 kilos (about 420 pounds) wet.

Rajputana Customs didn’t mention anything about changing the bike’s performance in any way, so we can expect the 440cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine to remain the same. After all, with 27 horsepower and 39 Nm (29 pound-feet) of torque, it’s got more than enough grunt for a good time on backcountry roads, and in this case, a spirited ride by the beachside.

Rajputana Customs Harley X440 - Wheels
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