Electric scooters are changing the personal mobility landscape in multiple Asian and European markets. This is especially true today, as battery technology has advanced to bring forth bikes with impressive range and fast-charging capabilities. Indeed, in India, new electric two-wheelers are hitting the market left and right, from both new and established players. 

Bajaj, one of the biggest manufacturers in the country, was one of the first to joint the EV game with the first generation electric Chetak in 2020. Since then, new models that offer similar levels of performance have hit the market. Electric scooters like the TVS iQube, Aether 450X, and Ola S1 Pro all bring their A-game to the Chetak. As such, Bajaj has updated the Chetak for 2023, to give it a much-needed refresh. 

Bajaj Refreshes The Chetak Electric Scooter For 2023 In India

To start with, the Chetak is now offered in three new colorways. Those looking for an elegant aesthetic can opt for the Matte Coarse Gray and Satin Black colorways. Meanwhile, the Matte Caribbean Blue gives the scooter a youthful look featuring blue paint on all the panes including the mirrors and fenders. To give it some contrast, the alloy wheels are painted gray. Other aesthetic improvements consist of a two-ton saddle, a matte-painted grab rail, and a black headlight cowl and blinker housings. 

On the tech side of the equation, Bajaj modernizes the Chetak even further with a full-color TFT instrument cluster. Performance-wise, the Chetak is powered by a 3.8-kilowatt motor which is equivalent to about 5.1 horsepower. The motor is good for a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour, or 45 miles per hour. As for the battery, the Chetak sports a 3-kilowatt-hour battery pack with a claimed range of 107 kilometers, or 67 miles, on a single charge. It takes about four hours to charge the battery. 

Bajaj Refreshes The Chetak Electric Scooter For 2023 In India

In terms of components, the Chetak continues to roll on 12-inch alloy wheels. Suspension hardware is made up of a single-sided front strut, and a single rear shock absorber. A disc brake up front and a drum brake at the rear are linked via a CBS. The 2023 Bajaj Chetak is now open for order via Bajaj dealerships across India. It retails for Rs 152,000, or approximately $1,846 USD.

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