How much do you love the Honda Monkey?

If you're a real, true, and obsessive Honda Monkey fan, then you'll want to know what the Japanese jewelry artisans at U-Treasure have cooked up.

Depending on your other interests, you may already be familiar with U-Treasure and its selection of intricate designs made from precious metals and stones, often related to pop culture touchstones with massive international fanbases. To put it another way, if you love Pokémon so much that you want an officially licensed Pikachu solitaire engagement ring, U-Treasure is the place for you.

If you're a Honda Monkey fan, U-Treasure hasn't created a piece of jewelry for you this time around. Instead, it's created a very special 1/12th-scale replica of the 1984 Honda Monkey Z50J Gold Limited Edition. Only this time, instead of simply being painted with gold, the U-Treasure 1/12th scale version is plated in actual yellow gold

Gallery: U-Treasure Gold Honda Monkey

Now, just so we're clear, the U-Treasure 1/12th scale Honda Monkey isn't entirely made of gold. The majority of the piece is made of 925 silver, then finished in gold to go perfectly with the Limited Edition gold Monkey Z50J that it's meant to replicate in miniature form. 

Back in 1984, just 5,000 of those Honda Monkey Z50J Limited Edition full-size bikes were made. You can occasionally find them offered for sale if you keep an eye out. Honda Motor Company Limited supervised U-Treasure's design process on this very special Monkey sculpture. Like other U-Treasure items, it's an officially licensed creation.

The tires move, says U-Treasure, and each serial number for each little golden Monkey will be engraved on the license plate found at the back of the bike. 


The U-Treasure gold and silver 1/12th-scale Honda Monkey is 86.4 millimeters (about 3.4 inches) tall, 112mm (about 4.4 inches) long, and the handlebars are about 52.6mm (2.07 inches) wide. Total weight of the U-Treasure Honda Monkey is about 265.5 grams (or about 0.58 pounds).

Price and Availability

The U-Treasure Honda Monkey is available to reserve for a limited time. The window officially opened on December 1, 2023, and will close on March 25, 2024. After that point, U-Treasure's artisans will handcraft each silver and gold Monkey and begin shipping them out sequentially around July 26, 2024. 

The cost of a U-Treasure 1/12th scale silver and gold Honda Monkey is ¥550,000, which converts to about $3,733 as of December 4, 2023. 

For reference, a real, ridable, new Honda Monkey 125cc motorbike currently carries an MSRP of ¥440,000 in Japan (or about $2,986). In the US, the Monkey's current MSRP in 2023 is $4,299. 

U-Treasure sells its works in several stores in Japan, but also ships internationally to over 233 countries via a global shipping service. More information is available on the U-Treasure website if you're interested.

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