Are you a massive Honda Monkey fan? Have you lusted after one of the Limited Edition gold chrome Monkeys that was a Japan-only bike released in 1984? If these words describe you perfectly, then we have some great news for you. There’s one available for sale right now in May 2023, and it’s located in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Just 5,000 of these Limited Edition, JDM-only, 1984 Honda Z50J Monkeys were ever made. As with many cool Japan-only bikes and cars, this little golden wonder was imported to the U.S. in the decades since. It’s being sold by a dealer, who imported it from Osaka, Japan in 2022. This particular bike has never been ridden, or even started according to the seller. The rear brake lever even still has a plastic sheath on it from when it was originally shipped. 

The gold chrome Limited Edition Monkeys feature oodles of gold chrome finish everywhere, along with a special brown vinyl seat and graphics on the tank and seat back. It’s powered by the same 49cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that you’d expect from Monkeys of the time and shifts via a four-speed manual gearbox.  

Gallery: 1984 Honda Monkey Z50J Gold Limited Edition

Suspension consists of a telescopic fork and twin shocks in the rear, and both front and rear brakes are drums. The wheels are a pair of two-piece, eight-inch units finished in silver chrome (to contrast with the gold), and the swingarm is also finished in silver chrome as well. 

Other features on this bike include folding handlebars that twist and lock into place, so you can more easily transport your Monkey where it needs to go when you’re not actively riding it. It has full street lighting, horn, speedometer (with an odometer that shows less than a kilometer on the clock), a rear luggage rack, a side stand, and a helmet holder that locks.

It also comes with some spares, as well as two Monkey Limited Edition keys, an owners’ manual in Japanese, and some other Japanese-language manufacturer literature. Oh, and it also comes with a tool kit; fans of moto documentation and original tool kits, rejoice! 

This bike has never been started, ridden, titled, or registered, so the selling dealer is selling it on a bill of sale. It’s intended for use as an offroad-only machine at this point—unless, of course, you want to simply store it away unridden, as its previous owners have evidently done since it rolled off the assembly line nearly four decades ago. 

You can find this rare 1984 Honda Z50J Monkey Gold Limited Edition for sale on Bring A Trailer, where the bid is up to $9,200 as of the morning of May 18, 2023. The auction ends on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 5:04 p.m. Eastern, so you’ll want to move fast if you need this bike in your life.

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