In January 2023, Finnish electric motorbike maker Verge Motorcycles officially launched the TS Ultra at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). While we’ve seen more convergence between the motorcycle and tech worlds in recent years, OEMs don’t typically show up to CES unless they have a great design to show off—which was absolutely no problem for Verge. 

While hub-mounted motors are not new in the realm of electric two-wheelers, the unique open-wheel design seen throughout the Verge TS range is arguably the company’s signature styling element thus far. To succeed at CES, motorbike makers need to excite people who aren’t already riders, and who may not ever have seen themselves as throwing a leg over a bike. It’s safe to say that the Verge TS Ultra’s design captivated many who saw it, regardless of whether they were already interested in motorbikes or not. 

In its short life, so far, Verge has made some impressive claims, including a fantastic fast-charging time of 35 minutes. On paper, the firm says that its range-topping TS Ultra makes 1,200 newton-meters (or just over 885 pound-feet) of torque, in addition to 201 horsepower. Zero-to-60 time is reputedly 2.5 seconds for the Ultra. While most OEMs (combustion and electric) are often optimistic in their claims, if those numbers are anywhere close to accurate, it’s an impressive feat they’ve achieved. 

Gallery: Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition

If you’re Verge, though, where do you go next? On May 15, 2023, Verge officially launched the Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition. As it happens, the Finnish electric motorbike firm teamed up with the two-time Formula One champion (and national Finnish hero), when he joined the Verge Advisory Board (he’s also an investor, in the interest of full disclosure). The man/myth/legend also helped to design his Signature Edition Verge electric motorcycle, which you now see before you. 

“I know from experience what it takes to develop a vehicle that embodies speed, precision and elegance. I wanted to design the bike right down to the smallest detail rather than just picking the color. Each bike is numbered and features an exclusive signature. This electric superbike represents the future of riding and is a testament to a life lived to the fullest,” Häkkinen said in a statement.  

Just 100 of the Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition electric motorcycles will ever be made. Each features carbon fiber fairings, as well as a ceramic surface coating treatment to both look cool and also help prevent scratches. The bike’s colors incorporate dark gray, silver, and black for a sleek look, not unlike the silver arrows that Häkkinen raced to two F1 world championships in 1998 and 1999. The bikes are also numbered and feature the man’s signature on a special plaque on the bike. 

The Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition is based upon the TS Pro platform, which makes a claimed 1,000 newton-meters (about 737.5 pound-feet) of torque and 102 kilowatts (or about 136.8 horsepower). Zero to 60 time is a claimed 3.5 seconds, and Verge’s claimed range on a single charge is up to 350 miles.  

Seat height is 780mm, or about 30.7 inches. Wheelbase is 1,540mm, or about 60.6 inches. Curb weight is 245 kilograms, or just a hair over 540 pounds. Front brakes are a pair of Brembo M4.32 four-piston calipers with two 230mm Galfer discs, and the rear is a single Verge-branded four-piston rear caliper paired with a 380mm Galfer peripheral disc, because unique rear wheel setups require unique rear braking solutions. 

When, where, and how can you get your hands on the Verge Mika Häkkinen Signature Edition? As of May 15, 2023, it can be purchased at the Verge Motorcycles online store if you live in Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, or Spain. If you happen to be near the Verge Motorcycles flagship store in Monaco, it can also be purchased there. MSRP for this limited-edition bike is 80,000 Euros (about $86,949), not including tax. 

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