It's often said that the bike you ride is reflective of your personality. You could say that this is true in all facets of motorcycling – be it for sportbikes, adventure bikes, and even scooters and commuters. That said, Yamaha has always had a reputation for being ahead in terms of technology, at least in the context of the Japanese big four.  

Across the range of its models, Yamaha is on top of its game in key markets. In Asia, it has some of the very best scooters and commuters with models like the NMAX and Y16ZR rolling off showroom floors left and right. Speaking of which, Yamaha has just launched a special edition version of the Y16ZR in the Malaysian market. Dubbed the Doxou Tech Art, it features a unique colorway that sets itself apart from the standard Y16ZR. 

New Yamaha Y16ZR Doxou Tech Art Is A Funky, Limited Edition Commuter

The Japanese word Doxou embodies creativity and being ahead of its time. This is what Yamaha hopes to achieve, not only with the Y16ZR, but with the entirety of its model range. Indeed, when compared to its rivals, you could say that the Y16ZR has the technological advantage. It's powered by the same 155cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine found in the YZF-R15 sportbike. Tuned to produce 17.7 horsepower, it's more than powerful enough to provide a thrilling ride both in the city and on twisty roads. On top of that, its underbone chassis is comfortable, practical, and versatile. 

As for the Y16ZR Doxou Tech Art edition, it flaunts eye-catching cyan-colored wheels, and gets a blue and purple motif on the aggressive bodywork. It gets a restyled front fender, and stylized Y16ZR emblems showcasing the production number. Owners of the Tech Art edition will also receive a special certificate authenticating their purchase of a limited edition model. Only 5,000 Yamaha Y16ZR Doxou Tech Art editions will be produced. 

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