The Honda Racing Corporation may not have anything to do with this approachable 1986 Honda Z50 Christmas Special. Still, one look at those red, white, and blue classic Honda wings on the tank, and you very well might believe you can fly on it. As you can see in the video, it runs so well that you’ll probably feel like you’re flying on this tiny monkey bike if you win this auction.

Many people are familiar with the considerable charm of a nice Honda Z50 by now. However, fewer might be familiar with the Christmas Specials. These were apparently a single-year variant offered by Honda to only its top-performing dealerships across the country. They came with a chromed-out tank, fenders, and frame, as well as the tri-color Honda wings graphic on the tank. According to one auction commenter (who was a Honda dealer when these were originally sold), these Christmas Specials didn’t sell well at the time because they cost more than most parents were willing to pay.

Gallery: 1986 Honda Z50 Christmas Special

As for this particular bike, it’s mostly original. In fact, it even comes with an original rear tire with a date of June 1986 on it. It could be a good bike for a collector to display, or to ride—but if you choose to ride it, you’ll probably want to put new rubber on it since both tires have dry age cracking to worry about. The red vinyl reproduction saddle is new and sports the Z logo. The red handgrips came stock on this bike, and it’s had a recent oil change, carburetor cleaning, and new spark plug. It’s also exclusively used ethanol-free fuel, according to the seller.

This auction ends on Friday, March 13, 2020, and started with no reserve. However, the bidding is currently up to $3,000 on Bring A Trailer at the time of writing. Don’t let anyone machete your dreams like they’re screaming teenagers at an abandoned summer camp if you really want this little monkey in your life. 

Source: Bring A Trailer

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