If you’ve spent any amount of time on the motorcycle internet, chances are good that you’ve seen at least one Monkey-Davidson by now. However, if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat, because there’s nothing quite like the surprise and delight of seeing one for the first time and realizing “wow, someone actually did that!”  

Monkey-Davidson—or MonDavi, as they’re sometimes called—are Honda Monkey bikes that have been modified so that they resemble big Harley-Davidson baggers. It’s a name and a niche that does exactly what the name describes. If you only read that description without seeing any visual evidence to go along with it, chances are excellent that the mental pictures you’d come up with would look just like the photos and video posted here. 

The primary place that you’ll see Monkeys customized in this way is in Japan, and aftermarket parts and accessories maker Kijima is one major reason why. For a time, the company made an entire bolt-on kit for Monkeys that could give them that miniature bagger look with probably an afternoon’s worth of work. The kit is currently discontinued as of October 2023, but could also have been shipped to countries outside Japan by sellers like Webike and Amazon Japan if they were willing to cough up $3,000 or so plus applicable shipping and customs fees. 

Gallery: 1996 Honda Z50J Monkey Bagger For Sale

If you’ve been hoping to find your own Monkey Bagger without having to put in all the work, and you happen to live in the US, then Iconic Motorbike Auctions currently has a bike you need to see. It’s a 1996 Honda Z50J with a full Kijima MonDavi kit installed. It was imported from Japan, is located at Iconic’s HQ in Santa Monica, California, and is being offered with no reserve.  

The odometer shows 729 kilometers (about 453 miles) on it, though as with all used bikes, total actual mileage is unknown. The bike is from 1996, so it’s important to know that the inside of the fuel tank is decent, and that all the lights and signals work. You get to see and hear it run in the accompanying startup video. In addition to being air-cooled, it has a chrome kickstarter on the right side of the bike. The previous owner also installed chrome fishtail pipes as an aftermarket accessory on this bike in order to really nail down the mini bagger look. 

This adorable little Monkey Bagger is offered on a bill of sale only, and the bid is currently $600 (that’s hundred, and it’s not missing a zero) as of October 9, 2023. The auction runs through October 14, 2023 at 2 p.m. Eastern, so you may want to keep an eye on and/or bid on this bike soon if you’re interested. We’re fairly certain you won’t see another one of these at your next bike meet if it’s what you roll up on.

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