Are you busy planning your next adventure on your 2021 Honda CT125 or Trail 125 ABS? If you want to go do some serious adventure touring on your new little Hunter Cub, then Japanese accessories manufacturer Kijima may have some bolt-on bits you’ll want on your bike. From functional to aesthetic, Kijima has a whole bunch of stuff on offer. Let’s take a look. 

Take a peek at your regional Webike online store, and you’ll see a range of new items from Kijima that will change the look, feel, and functionality of your Hunter Cub. Front, rear, and center carrier racks increase your carrying capacity considerably. There are also racks for panniers, as well. Want to guard your engine, chain, headlight, and taillight? Kijima has all your important engine bits quite literally covered.  

Relatedly, Japanese motorcycle magazine Young Machine has a photo of an absolutely fantastic bear paw print cylinder head cover that doesn’t appear to be available yet, as well as some other items that aren’t yet released. Check the source links and click over to check all that stuff out if you’re busy planning out your Hunter Cub’s future mods. 

Gallery: Kijima Honda CT125 Hunter Cub Accessories

Back to what you can get right now, which includes some shift and brake pedal items, a side stand with a nice, fat base to keep your CT125 very planted while it’s parked. There’s also a nice little fog light kit, as well as reflector relocator brackets, blinker relocators, and even a nice Honda badge bracket for the front. There’s a USB port kit as well, so you can even keep your phone charged on the go while you’re out traveling. 

Kijima products are readily available in Webike online stores in many regions throughout the world.  Pricing and availability vary by region, so you’ll need to do a little poking around to get the details applicable to your area.


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