Beringer is a well-known French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality braking systems. The firm is considered to be a major player in the worlds of racing – such as in supermoto and road racing, as well as in the custom motorcycle scene. On top of that,  Beringer, headquartered in Lyon, is a supplier to a number of well-known motorcycle manufacturers.

Brough Superior, a luxury motorcycle business known for exceptional engineering and design that has had a revival in recent years, relies heavily on Beringer for its braking hardware. Beringer continues to push the industry's limits and set new standards with innovative solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs. For example, its newest innovation is a bar-end-mounted brake master cylinder, which may appear strange to performance and daily riders alike, but looks entirely at home on a bespoke build – just make sure to never drop your bike.

Beringer Presents Bar-End Brake And Clutch Masters For Custom Builds

Beringer's bar-end-mounted master cylinder is also available in a clutch variant. This new invention is aimed at custom motorcycle enthusiasts. The brand originally produced the bar-end-mounted brake master cylinder for the Workhorse Speedshop R18 Avus custom project, but Beringer has now made it available as an off-the-shelf component. The redesigned brake and clutch master cylinders are designed for motorcycles with 22-millimeter diameter handlebars.

The redesigned brake and clutch master cylinders have a sleek and clean appearance that is ideal for those who want a minimalistic style. The brake lines can be concealed within the handlebar, giving the motorbike a streamlined appearance. This capability is particularly useful for bespoke setups that necessitate a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Beringer's brake and clutch master cylinders are ideal for custom enthusiasts desiring an unique look without compromising on performance.

All Beringer master cylinders are masterfully manufactured from billet aluminum, a material noted for its strength, durability, and light weight. This guarantees that the new brake and clutch master cylinders are both reliable and efficient. Beringer's new model is also available in a variety of 12 colors, allowing customers to choose the most suitable color match for their custom motorcycle project. The aftermarket brake and clutch master cylinders cost 672 Euros, or around $712 USD.

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