Bi-plane winglets are the latest MotoGP-inspired fad in the sportbike sector. Ducati introduced the first aerodynamic winglets to MotoGP in 2010 and they’ve been leading the aero charge since 2016. Unsurprisingly, the Panigale V4 boasts the most radical appendages while superbikes like Yamaha’s R1 and Suzuki’s GSX-R1000R shrug off the trend altogether.

That doesn’t stop the aftermarket from filling that gap and Rizoma’s Stealth mirrors make winglets attainable for superbike owners. Available for major OEM flagship sportbikes, the streamlined mirrors consist of a stem attached to a pivotable mirror. Flipped down, the accessory generates downforce of 8.8 pounds at 186 mph. That’s a far cry from the Panigale V4’s 80 pounds of downforce, but it’s better than wheelieing into oblivion.


On the flip side, the Stealth also doubles as a mirror for street riding. However, most OEMs integrate turn signals into the stock mirror posts, so customers may need to purchase separate Rizoma turn signals along with the sleek new mirrors (how convenient). Of course, the Stealth’s split personality suits frequent track riders, as the mirrors tuck away quickly. After all, struggling with gaffer’s tape or an obstructed view from turned-in mirrors is so 2020.

Gallery: Rizoma Stealth Mirrors

Rizoma offers the Stealth mirrors to most flagship sportbikes in the segment. Made of billet aluminum and featuring black, silver, and thunder gray anodized finishes, the Stealth will fit everything from the BMW S1000RR to the Kawasaki ZX-10R to the Honda CBR1000RR. All that performance doesn’t come cheap, however, and the Stealth mirrors will lighten your wall by €399 ($469 USD). Mighty steep for a set of mirrors, we know, but staying in fashion comes at a price.

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