Brough Superior, a British-born, French-made boutique motorcycle manufacturer has been on the scene quite a bit lately thanks to its ultra luxurious Lawrence. The brand first appeared in 1919, and was dubbed the “Rolls Royce of motorcycles,” but the Second World War forced the company to cease operations.

Fast forward to EICMA in 2014, and Brough Superior was back, this time under new ownership. Today, the limited number of Brough Superior motorcycles that are being produced are made in Toulouse, France. The company has been involved with car manufacturer Aston Martin in recent years, by co-developing the AMB001. Apart from this, Brough’s latest creation is a machine unlike any other, and it’s based on a bike that’s already pretty unique as it is. It’s called the Dagger, and it’s essentially a sportier version of the Lawrence.

Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger

As is the case with most sporty iterations of motorcycles, the Dagger features carbon fiber, and a lot of it. Built off the base of the Lawrence, the Dagger gets a headlight trim, fork crown, engine covers, rear fender, and seat cowl made out of carbon fiber. Apart from that, Brough Superior has tweaked the bike’s chassis to provide sharper, more engaging handling. For instance, a lower handlebar puts the rider in a slightly more aggressive position, and front and rear 17-inch wheels open the possibility to a variety of sportbike-focused rubber.

On the performance side of things, the Lawrence Dagger gets a 997cc V-twin engine adorned with chrome casings, gold and black finishes, and overall top-notch build quality. It isn’t exactly the punchiest of motors with 102 horsepower and 61 ft-lbs of torque on tap, but performance was never really a priority for a bike that was designed first and foremost as a rolling piece of art. The Lawrence Dagger gets a more subtle low-slung exhaust as against the standard Lawrence’s upswept pipes.

Apart from the carbon fiber bits and bobs and the revised ergonomics, the Dagger shares pretty much the same architecture as the standard Lawrence. Pricing hasn’t been disclosed, however, given the fact that the standard Lawrence retails for a whopping 66,000 Euros, or around $68,000 USD, chances are the Dagger will command an even higher premium, and thus will be out of reach for us mere mortals.

Brough Superior Lawrence Dagger
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