T.E. Lawrence was an archeologist, diplomat, author, and army-officer. Most importantly, for our purposes, Lawrence was a motorcyclist. Better known as Lawrence of Arabia, the renaissance man preferred the Brough Superior brand. He maintained a close relationship with George Brough, collected seven Brough Superiors, and tragically died following a crash on his sixth Brough. To honor the man that made the brand famous, the latest Brough Superior revival will name a special edition model the Lawrence.

Despite relying on brand heritage and design, the new Brough Superior plans to utilize modern materials and production techniques. The Lawrence will harken back to Brough’s long and low stance, but the chassis and bodywork will be thoroughly modern. The gas tank and tail unit will add gobs of luxury, while the titanium frame and subframe should help lighten the load. Brough will also machine the Fior-style fork and swingarm from a single piece of aluminum (each), further reducing the Lawrence’s fighting weight.

Gallery: 2021 Brough Superior Lawrence

An 88-degree V-twin producing 102 horsepower and 64 lb-ft of torque will power the Lawrence. Mated to a six-speed transmission, the liquid-cooled 997cc powerplant will also function as a stressed member of the chassis. A monoshock at both ends should aid handling with rebound and preload adjustments, and the machined aluminum wheels will lower the Lawrence’s unsprung mass.

Featuring premium Berringer calipers, the braking system will sport two 320mm rotors up front and a single 230mm disc in the rear. The 4.5-gallon gas tank should suit the longer trips and the 60-inch wheelbase will keep the Lawrence stable at highway speeds. But who are we kidding? Most Lawrence owners are going to show off all that , aluminum, and carbon fiber by cruising down the city streets. After all, Brough Superior is the Rolls Royce of motorcycles and one should ride them accordingly.

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