In March, 2022, electric automotive manufacturer Polestar revealed its O2 electric roadster concept to the world. The resounding response from EV fanatics drove the Swedish brand to announce the production model, the Polestar 6, just five months later, in August, 2022. While the chiseled bodywork and 21-inch wheels imbued the e-convertible with a muscular silhouette, Polestar’s Sky Blue paint job made the model immediately memorable.

Swedish electric mobility specialist CAKE hopes that heavenly hue will do the same for its Makka e-bike. If you’re unfamiliar with CAKE’s colorful scoot, Janaki delivered her full scoop in May, 2022. Unlike the standard edition, though, the Polestar-inspired Makka earns a few more upgrades.

Up front, a new slim LED headlamp maintains the minimalist aesthetic while a linkage-equipped 205mm Öhlins TTX22 shock steadies the ride out back. Meanwhile, the Makka remains practical thanks to a trim-exclusive rear rack. That’s just the tip of the modular iceberg, though, as CAKE also offers surf racks, top boxes, and passenger/child seat accessories.

CAKE x Polestar Makka - Front, Right
Polestar 6

CAKE elects to power the limited-run variant with a 31Ah, 1.5kWh battery that recharges from zero to 80 percent in two hours and from zero to 100 percent in three hours. Users can expect to reach up to 55 km (34 miles) before returning to the outlet. The hub-mounted interior permanent magnet motor offers 1.55kW (2.1 horsepower) of nominal power and 2.8kW (3.1 horsepower) of peak power.

Those figures may seem anemic until you realize the Makka cranks out 60Nm (44.3 lb-ft) of torque at the rear wheel. Ride mode 1 puts all that glorious torque to good use with a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), but mode 2 preserves battery life with a 25 km/h (15 mph) speed limiter. All the while, an electronic braking system helps regenerate charge with each pull of the lever.

Starting at $5,300, the CAKE x Polestar Makka will only be available in Polestar markets. However, CAKE will still sell and deliver each limited-edition unit.

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