A top-shelf racing suit is likely on the top of the list of any track day aficionado—apart from a good lid, of course. Apart from the obvious role of keeping you safe in the event of a crash or slide, a racing suit also gives you a distinct aesthetic, be it on a race day or a casual track day with your buddies. While there are literally countless options when it comes to track-oriented riding gear, few manufacturers are as popular as Alpinestars.

Often imitated (oftentimes very blatantly), but never quite duplicated, Alpinestars continues to innovate its gear offerings across all disciplines of competitive motorcycling. The latest of which comes to us in the form of the Alpinestars GP Force Chaser two-piece leather suit. This cutting edge suit is equipped with all the necessary features found on a true competition-spec outfit complete with replaceable knee sliders, an aerodynamic hump, and a comfy mesh lining. To make things even better, the GP Force Chaser racing suit is compatible with Alpinestars’ proprietary Tech-Air 5 airbag technology.

Alpinestars Launches New GP Force Chaser Two-Piece Racing Suit

Going into the technical details for just a bit, the GP Force Racer is constructed out of bovine leather, and employs a multi-panel construction for maximum abrasion resistance, and minimum movement restriction. An aerodynamic hump at the back aligns perfectly with your helmet’s contour in a fully tucked position, ensuring you get the most out of all the straights on the circuit. To keep things cool, the suit incorporates perforated panels and a breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining for added ventilation.

The GP Force Chaser is a two-piece racing suit, which means you can opt to wear just the pants or the jacket. The jacket, however, is very short, and attaches to the pants via a concealed zipper. A nifty feature which gives the jacket some streetability is a small waterproof internal pocket, perfect for your mobile phone or wallet. Additional back and thoracic protectors can be added via pockets inside the racing suit, while the suit’s expandable bellows make it compatible with the Tech-Air 5 system.

The Alpinestars GP Force Chaser carries a PPE class AA certification, and is available in two color options—black and white, and black with orange accents. As expected with any Alpinestars product, the GP Force Chaser occupies the premium segment of the market, and sells for 799.95 Euros, or $944 USD. Sizes range from 48 to 60.

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