Like a good pair of jeans, race suits are best when they fit your dimensions without becoming restrictive. For men, there are plenty of good options on the market. Unfortunately, the story isn’t the same for women track riders. To help ladies find the best fit, Italian gear maker Vanucci presents the VSM-2 one-piece race suit.

Consisting of 1.0-1.2-millimeter-thick cowhide, the leathers prioritize protection and comfort. Elastic Kevlar fabric (74-percent polyamide, 18-percent aramid, 8-percent elastane) at the collar, sides, inner arms, calves, and groin ensures abrasion resistance while also maintain a broad range of motion. Accordion shirring at the elbows, underarms, back, and knees also maximizes comfort and fit. Hard plastic knee and elbow protectors mitigate impacts while perforated panels at the armpits, elbows, back, thighs, and knees improve ventilation.

Vanucci VSM-2 - Front & Back

Interior padding includes removable HTP shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee armor and knee sliders come standard included the suit. ISO 4916-compliant safety seams ensure that the suit doesn’t tear or rip during a long slide and users can purchase a Super Shield HTP back protector for improved impact protection. The leathers are just for the track either, with two internal pockets and reflective strips outfitting the VSM-2 for road duty.

The aerodynamic hump helps streamline riders as they blast down the home straight. Conversely, the permanent mesh interior liner optimizes airflow and comfort. Vanucci offers the leathers in sizes 34-46. While the size range suits a wide swath of riders, the Italian brand only produces a white/black colorway. ‘

At only €659 ($771 USD), the VSM-2 is appropriate for novice and intermediate riders but boasts many of the features found on premium race suits. Women riders may still not have as many options as their male counterparts, but Vanucci one-piece goes a long way toward closing the gap.

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