Alpinestars took the occasion of the 2020 French MotoGP round at LeMans to introduce its newest Supertech R Limited Edition model. Designed for hometown hero Fabio Quartararo, the El Diablo 20 is black, gunmetal, and red all over.  

If it seems like it was just last week that we told you about the Haga Limited Edition Supertech R boots, you’re completely correct. While they both have the same Supertech R construction and protective features to do all the heavy lifting of keeping your feet both safe and fast, it’s all about which racer-derived look suits your particular aesthetic.  

The Supertech R boots feature a lightweight compound rubber sole, designed to enhance both grip and feel while riding. Microfiber and TPU dominate the construction, which also has a redesigned front flex area to combine comfort with protection. A TPU and aluminum toe slider is both replaceable and easily attached with a simple screw setup.  

These boots also feature the bio-mechanical ankle brace found in all Supertech Rs. It allows all the natural movement you need for racing, yet will also keep your feet and ankles secure in the event of a crash.  

Gallery: Alpinestars Limited Edition Fabio Quartararo El Diablo Supertech R Race Boots


Quartararo was named MotoGP Rookie of the Year in 2019, and although 2020 has been weird for plenty of reasons, his top tier race career is still growing. With three wins so far this year, Quartararo is currently in first position in the MotoGP World Championship. Can he keep up his momentum? Only time will tell. Will these limited-edition boots sell out before or after the championship is decided? That’s another mystery.  

If you need these boots in your life, MSRP is $529.95, and they’ll be available in Euro sizes 42 through 46. They are currently listed as “Coming Soon” on the Alpinestars website, and there’s a link to sign up if you want to be notified when they’re in stock.  

Source: Alpinestars 

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