When motorcyclists want the utmost protection, most turn to leather jackets and trousers or race suits. However, textiles have come a long way in the last few years. With materials such as Dyneema and Armalith frequently found in single-layer riding jeans, the latest protective gear isn’t just abrasion-resistant but breathable as well.

Italian gear maker Virus Power knows the potential of today’s textile alternatives, and its Predator race suit ditches the leather as a result. Developed with Tuscany-based technical fabrics specialists Primatex, the one-piece suit showcases the brand’s MultiProtective material. Boasting one of the lowest heat exchange coefficients, the suit not only repels ambient heat but protects the rider from burns during an extended slide. The textile suit’s protective properties earn it a AAA CE rating, but the fabric doesn’t just come in handy during a crash.

Gallery: Virus Power Predator Textile Race Suit

Thanks to a patented weaving process, the Predator is also highly breathable. This results in less sweating and fluid loss for the rider. The MultiProtective water-repellent layers also keep fluids, but the Virus Power suit is completely machine washable. Of course, users will need to remove the shoulder, elbow, knee, back, and hip protectors along with the knee sliders beforehand.

Due to the highly abrasion-resistant material, Virus Power doesn’t need to reinforce the suit in conventional areas. As a result, the one-piece suit weighs in at only four kilograms (8.8 pounds), which is 25-30 percent less similar-sized leather suit. For those environmentally-conscious riders, the Predator suits present a fully recyclable and vegan alternative. Individualists will also rejoice at the ability to digitally print unique designs on the MultiProtective fabric.

Starting at €1,758 ($2,060 USD), Virus Power’s Predator certainly qualifies as a premium race suit option. However, the protective properties, lightweight construction, and comfort make it a great alternative to traditional leathers.

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