Color is the single most important choice a motorcycle buyer makes—after obviously choosing a model. How do you choose? It seems that some brands are meant to be certain colors, isn’t that true Kawasaki? In a number of cases, the color decision is made for you, but sometimes, companies will offer you a second choice of livery—heck, maybe even a third one! Beyond the whole “KTMs are orange and Ducatis are red” discourse, colors also evoke emotions, something manufacturers are careful to exploit to their advantage. That begs the question whether we choose companies or models for the color or if it’s the other way around. 

If you have the luxury of getting the bike you want in the color you most desire, however, it pretty much feels like a jackpot. So in this case, what does the color of your bike reveal about you? Let’s get check out the two-cents psychology behind it.

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