After building kids' bikes with kids' tools, it's time for Bikes and Beards to put the cheapest and most expensive minibikes available on Amazon to the test to see which one is better. In the red corner, we have Thor, a completely bone stock Coleman CT100U. In the blue corner, we have Betty, the Warrior 200 with the manliest name they could think of. Which one is best? A series of challenges will tell, and the stakes are high.

Since the last video, both bikes have had their top speed limiters disabled by extremely high-tech means, including zip ties, wires, and "stuff." A drag race rematch needed to happen. It's Betty, the Warrior 200, all the way—again, not surprising because it has twice as big an engine as the Coleman.

The next tests had a holiday theme. Since parents will want to build and test (thoroughly) these minibikes before gifting them, Shawn and Craig had to gift wrap these bikes in such a way as to conceal what they really are. Craig built an elaborate house looking thing around the Warrior, while Shawn threw his Coleman in a trash can and threw a little wrapping paper on it. None of the kids recruited to judge this contest guessed the true identity of the gifts, though, so both bikes won. Betty was much easier to unwrap, though, despite Thor only needing to be pulled out of a trash can.

Next is... another drag race. Despite Thor's engine suddenly looking bigger than it used to be, plus the appearance of many GoPowersports stickers on it, Shawn assures Craig it's exactly the same bike. This must be true because Betty won again.

One very important question needed an answer: How much damage will these bikes do when the kids inevitably try to ride them inside the house? Being a couple of grown-up kids themselves, they put this to the test. Both bikes did an excellent job of laying rubber on both carpet and vinyl flooring. Shawn even left a rubber message on the carpet asking viewers to "Subsribe" to the channel. Are you looking to hire a proofreader? Call me...

Just about every kid who gets a minibike will inevitably want to jump it, so they tested to see which bike jumps longer. While they won't be breaking any of Evel Knievel's or Travis Pastrana's jump records, the small size of the mighty Thor won this one, with a 16-foot jump off a door that seems very much worse for the wear.

The final challenge was... another drag race? This time, Thor appeared to have a Predator 420 engine inside a red Coleman frame, while Betty had taken on an appearance very much like the Segway Dirt eBike from a previous video. These were, of course, merely optical illusions. Despite Thor having a truly terrible start, it finally won a drag race. I'm sure the appearance of a 420cc engine had nothing to do with it.

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