With the world still rather shut down these days, many of us have turned to Amazon to fulfill our needs. You can get anything from Amazon—even motorcycles. Bikes and Beards has already shown us a number of motorcycles you can buy off Amazon, including two pit bikes for under $1,000. They already tested them in a gravel pit, broke them, and fixed them.

Some may say they played softball with these cheap bikes, not pushing them hard the way you would push a real dirt bike. I pondered one myself, but ended up picking up my Kawasaki KLR 650 because I trusted the tried and true tractor of a bike more than some no-name bike from China. I challenge you to say that after watching this video, where they literally dump one off the top of a mountain.

Since their original purchase, each bike has received a $30 carburetor to help it run better. One of them has gotten a $15 pair of handguards. Beyond that and damage repairs from the last video, the bikes are completely stock. Not being professional riders, they utterly fail to do backflips, but at least they manage to beat the bikes up a bit in the process. One thing they can do well, though, is to launch the bikes into a rock, as you do.

Caleb, unfortunately, keeps misplacing his bike. The first time he loses it, he finds a single handlebar grip sticking up from a pile of dirt that wasn't there before. After a bit of digging, he finds his bike. I wonder how it got there. To wash it, he rides it into a pond, as you do. Then he loses it again. Finally, they bring a bike to the top of the tallest pile of gravel in the entire pit and launch it off the top. It tumbles all the way down.

Do either of these bikes still work after all that? I won't spoil the ending, but let's just say I've had to change my opinion about the durability of these cheap bikes after watching this video.

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