Colin Furze is no stranger to motorcycle shenanigans. He's built a "wall of death" track out of pallets, installed a flame thrower on a scooter (which got him arrested), and built a wide variety of motorized drift trikes. A comment on a recent drift trike video inspired him to modify it for snowy conditions. We've seen snow bikes before, but never a ski drift trike. Cue the ska soundtrack. It's time for a build montage.

Furze converts the front end using an old ski he's been saving for a special occasion. He adds a bit of hardware, plus a shock absorber. This isn't for his comfort, but to press the back of the ski down into the ground to keep the front raised so it can tackle the snow.

As for the rear, he already had sleeves of PVC pipe wrapped around the back wheels. He added a metal sleeve to the outside, drilled them both, installed bolts to stick out and dig into the snow and ice, then put the sleeves back over the tires. I'll have to remember this trick at my next ice race. He added an ADV-style bash plate under the seat and engine, and he was done.

Naturally, there was no snow at Furze's home when he finished the project, but after a quick snow dance, he finds himself at a snow-covered field, free to rip around and try it out. Ironically, his biggest problem was that his bolt tires gave him too much grip, turning the drift trike into a speed machine. It could also do wheelies massive enough to throw him off the back.

Cutting down the longer of the two bolt sizes he used reduced traction enough for him to not only make some mad skids but also to chase away some curious sheep. Maybe sheepherders should consider using a similar contraption in their work.

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