For our friends in the higher latitudes, the motorcycling season usually draws to a close with the year’s first dusting. Due to the fractious relationship between rubber and ice, most folks turn it in until spring’s warmth returns. However, some very dedicated riders resort to snow conversion kits, lake riding with tire spikes, or jump on snowmobiles during the offseason. While those options skew more to the extreme end of the spectrum, keeping your knees in the breeze doesn’t have to be an expensive or dangerous endeavor. One solution is Chrysler’s scooter on skis, the SnoRunner 6003SR, and one is currently up for auction on Bring A Trailer

Introduced in 1979, The SnoRunner 6003SR was a moped-style tracked vehicle that Chrysler reportedly developed for military use. Featuring a pull-starter two-stroke 134cc single and an in-frame gas tank, the compact design is perfect for jaunts through woodland trails and light snowpack. The owner of this particular SnoRunner told Bring A Trailer that Chrysler didn’t offer the model to the public and that it had a limited run of fewer than 100 units. 

The company stopped producing the SnoRunner 6003SR following the 1982 model year and this example is an experimental version touting a larger seat with a storage compartment, additional frame bracing, and a belt-driven track. Chrysler also improved the performance over the standard model with a larger carburetor, special exhaust, and different gearing. 

Gallery: 1982 Chrysler Sno-Runner 6003SR

The current owner reported that he performed a tune-up and replaced the drive track on the 38-year old rig. Though the private seller has owned the SnoRunner for two years he’s only racked up 1 hour on the 10.8-hour time meter. For those scrupulous buyers out there, an operator’s manual, parts catalog, and Vermont bill of sale are also included. 

No, the SnoRunner isn’t a perfect replacement for a motorcycle, but riders can still brush up on their technique despite the snow. As you can see in the video above, a 134cc engine and a set of handlebars are more than enough to re-enact On Any Sunday's final scene. While the model’s ergonomics resembles a scooter, the rider uses the leg out technique for turns and that alone can scratch the itch during the offseason. 

However, the auction ends in 1 day and the current bid is at $4,400 so you’ll have to act fast if you don’t want to be ride-less this winter. 

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