If you know me well enough, you know that I love U-haul's motorcycle trailers. They're perfect for my needs, easy to use, and light enough that my Kia Soul can tow them. I've been a loyal customer ever since I discovered that U-haul offered them back in 2018. Hell, one of the selling points of my new house was that there was a U-haul place within walking distance and they kept bike trailers in stock.

Over the years, though, a lot of people have asked me why I don't just buy my own trailer. Up to this point, I've never wanted to. I've been happy to let U-haul handle the costs of licensing, insuring, and maintaining their trailers so that I can pay a pittance to rent them a couple of times a year. Also, honestly, I don't have any place to keep a trailer where it (probably) wouldn't get stolen, so there's that. After seeing this here video, though, I may be changing my mind.

The fellas over at the Make it Extreme YouTube channel are probably best known for daring feats of fabrication and making bonkers machines like a wheelchair tank, a miniature chainsaw, and a monowheel. Among all the insane things they've built, we dug up this video of something actually practical—a small, lightweight, single-track motorcycle trailer. It's an older video, but it definitely checks out.

The trailer's frame is a single length of what looks like six-inch pipe cut into various lengths and bends. Two wheel hubs from an unknown car, a bunch of round steel plates, a hydraulic ram, and some other odds and ends make up the total list of ingredients. With some amazing welding and fabrication work, the guys stitch all this together into a handsome and quite functional bike hauler. They test it out with a KTM supermoto, but by the looks of it, that trailer could easily handle the kind of junk I drag home.

Take seven minutes out of your busy day to check this video out. Watching these guys work is extremely gratifying, and by the end, you'll wonder how you ever lived without a similar contraption with which to haul your bikes around.

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