Ever wonder how they do custom exhausts in Japan? Wonder no more because 46works has this video and a bunch more for you to watch on their YouTube channel if you haven’t quite had enough after this. 

Anyway, the video opens up with an introduction to the build and some explanation. You can see the initial process going on in the first few moments, which is likely a summarized trimming of the true and lengthy process of making a custom exhaust. 

The process of bending the pipes is hand-done. Titanium tubes that are brought out specifically for the  Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000 in question are hand-bent with a blowtorch in one hand, and a glove in the other. You can see the titanium bluing as soon as it gets to a bendable temperature. Following are the rest of the bends followed by a stint of measuring. If you notice the sand inside the pipe, it’s essentially there to prevent the pipe from kinking while it’s being bent, a technique that keeps things exceptionally tidy while the bending process is going on. 

Gaskets and fittings are made, and the two hand-bent pipes are cut to measure. Following that, we get some welding action going on the headers and the collector pipe. Note that the Guzzi has two cylinders, in a V configuration, just like the modern ones. which means that there are two header pipes going into one collector and then out to the muffler. 

Speaking of, after the collector section of the exhaust gets welded together, the rest of the system gets an additional linkage added to it, and then the muffler section is then completed. It looks like the customer opted for a set of twin cans for this build, custom-made and mounted to the bike. 

All the welds look neat, tidy, and artisanal even, perhaps some shops or brands can do a better job, but the quality of this system has a level of craftsmanship that can only mark it as handmade. I’m thoroughly impressed with the video, as well as the ending soundtrack. This video was definitely shot and/or edited in December, and the final product is definitely a gift that the owner of this Moto Guzzi Le Mans would appreciate. 

Check out 46works' other projects on his YouTube channel if you haven't quite gotten your ASMR or custom exhaust building fix yet. I highly recommend it. 

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