Jason Marker

Jason Marker,

Editorial Director

Jason has been riding, wrenching on, and complaining about motorcycles for 20 years now. In a former life, he was an advertising photographer in Detroit shooting cars and bikes. After that, he spent a solid decade writing and designing traditional pen and paper RPGs—for the likes of Palladium Books (Robotech RPG), Fantasy Flight Games (Star Wars, Warhammer 40K RPG, Android, Genesys, Arkham Horror, Legend of the Five Rings), Catalyst Game Labs (Shadowrun), and more—with a focus on military hardware, vehicles, and ships (both spacegoing and seagoing). He started his motoring journalism career at Autoblog in 2016 as a daily news writer, and has been with RideApart since June of 2017.

Jason currently lives with his wife, daughters, and cats in a 90-year-old, high-maintenance quasi-mansion in Detroit, MI. In his spare time, he maintains a fleet of ancient Japanese motorcycles, restores and flips "non-running" bikes for beer money, plays a lot of games, reads a lot of history, drinks a lot of rye whiskey, plays a lot of music, collects a lot of dumb, expensive nerd trinkets, and generally enjoys life as a professional opinion haver and motorcycle toucher.

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