By now, we all know—or, well, we should know—that the whole "loud pipes save lives" thing is bunk. It's right up there with good old Layer Dan on the list of things your uncle who rode a CB360 once back in 1975 treats as motorcycling gospel. Like most myths, though, it's just that—a myth. You know what does save lives? A good, loud horn.

Unfortunately, most stock motorcycle horns are a little, well, anemic. Even the mightiest Harley or Indian dresser has a horn more suited for a subcompact car than a vehicle that's essentially invisible to the average motorist. What we need is sound, focused sound on command to alert drivers that, yes, we're right here and, no, you can't run over us. That's where MotoHorn comes in.

Based out of the great city of Portland, Oregon, MotoHorn produces VERY LOUD horns for motorcycles and other, lesser, four-wheeled vehicles. Currently, the company sells three products—The Dual Track, a twin-horn upgrade for stock horns, MotoHorn 2.0 for bikes, and MotoHorn 2.0—vehicles for cars and trucks. What we're concerned with here is the second one, MotoHorn 2.0, a powerful air horn that seems to be the company's latest, greatest offering.

According to MotoHorn's website, the MotoHorn 2.0 kit includes everything a rider needs to install the horn on their ride. A long, metal trumpet—available in chrome or black—a mounting plate, a 12-volt air compressor and air lines, a full-on wiring harness, and all the hardware needed to mount it. The mounting plate allows for a variety of mounting options, and the horn can be wired directly to the bike's stock horn circuit and activated with the stock horn button. 

MotoHorn claims that the MotoHorn 2.0 is three times louder than a stock horn—ranging from 130 to 150 decibels—has zero delay between activation and sound, and can be heard about two and a half miles away. Not too shabby, right? That'll let the cagers know you're coming.

Now, there is a downside to having your own personal train horn—legality. This horn may be illegal to use where you live, so before you go and buy one make sure to check your local sound ordinances, or else you'll end up with some expensive tickets.

MotoHorn 2.0 retails for $99.00 and is available at the company's website.

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