As much as we love motorcycling, there are some aspects of it that are less than pleasurable. I don't know anyone whose favorite riding weather is cold pouring rain, for example. The positive parts of riding certainly outweigh the negative, but that doesn't make the negative parts go away. The Ride With Roland tells us his top (or is it bottom) seven parts of motorcycling he hates.

1. Putting On Gear

SA1NT Unbreakable Motorcycle Gear

Riding gear is a necessity for us. We don't leave home without it. That doesn't mean it's without its own issues, though. It takes longer for me to put on my gear than it does to ride to the post office. For short trips like this, as much as I enjoy riding, it's simply not worth gearing up. If I don't gear up, I don't ride.

2. Getting The Bike Out

Opinion: Leave Your Bike In The Garage, Save Lives

This is a nice looking garage, with several bikes inside, any one of which can get in or out as needed. Now let's talk about how this works in the real world. There are tools, projects, and maybe a car or two in the way, as well as parked in the driveway. You can still get in and out, but you have to walk your bike around all that stuff. Even the bikes shown here had to get pushed into position for the photo. Most bikes don't have a reverse gear, so that means pushing them backward. The fancy maneuvering is worth it to get to ride, but it's somewhat annoying while you're doing it.

3. Your Keys Are Still In Your Pocket After Your Gloves Are On

Scorpion EXO Tempest Gloves, Palm

I do this all the time. I'm all geared up and ready to go, get on the bike, go to turn the key, and... it's still in my pocket. Gloves give me a -3 to my Dexterity check, which means it's nearly impossible to fish for a small key in my pocket with gloves on. I've found that having a large key tag helps my gloved hand find its target. Some newer bikes come with a keyless ignition, which solves this problem once and for all.

4. That Little Voice Saying "This Is Dangerous"

Most Dangerous States

We know about and accept the risks of motorcycling every time we get on a bike, but it's never fun when thoughts of these dangers creep into our heads while riding. For me, this usually happens after leaving a crash scene, whether I stop and help myself or I roll up after emergency services are already on the scene. It's definitely a wake-up call I don't enjoy, especially because I have to keep riding to get home.

5. Wearing A Helmet Ruins Your Hair

How To Manage Helmet Hair

"Helmet head" is a thing, whether we like it or not. While wearing a helmet is necessary, it does tend to mess up your hair when you take it off. This doesn't bother me very much, but it bothers Roland enough to include this on his list. Another thing he hates is people who don't have this problem.

6. Riding In Strong Wind

Video: Intense Winds Blow CBR Rider Off Highway

Motorcycles don't weigh much, and there's quite a bit of surface area to the sides of them. This is a recipe for disaster in a strong gust of wind, especially if you're not ready for it. This is particularly bad on the highway, where high speeds, open areas, and wind blasts from trucks can combine to blow you all over the place.

7. Cleaning Your Bike

Best Dual Sport Motorcycles — Get Dirty

Some people enjoy cleaning their bikes, polishing chrome, waxing the tank, and making them look their best. Roland doesn't. He does it anyway because he enjoys the result of having a clean shiny bike. Me, well, I ride a dual-sport. I think it's mentioned somewhere in the Kawasaki KLR 650 bible that the more dirt you have caked up all over your bike, the better it looks.

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