In recent years, we’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful motorcycles. But I’m willing to bet that you’ve never seen anything quite like the Oruga Unitrack.

Based out of Latvia, Oruga SIA is a mobility startup that first opened its doors in the summer of 2023. At barely a year old, the company is looking to make waves in the off-road segment with its Unitrack, a tank-like off-road vehicle with motorcycle inspiration.

In total, the Oruga Unitrack makes use of three wheels all connected via a single-track mechanism. Two of these wheels are designed to remain in constant contact with the terrain, while the third wheel, positioned high up on the front end, is said to aid in tackling steep climbs and sharp approach angles.

It's just straight-up wild.

Oruga says that the Unitrack can tackle pretty much any terrain.

Oruga says that the Unitrack can tackle pretty much any terrain.

As you’d probably have guessed, the Unitrack is an all-electric off-roader packing a big battery and an electric motor housed somewhere within the three-wheeled-single-track mechanism. At the moment, we don’t know just how much power this thing delivers, but given that Oruga claims that it can climb and run over pretty much everything, it’s more than likely packing quite a bit of grunt.

And to be more specific about those capabilities, Oruga says that the Unitrack is capable of traversing steep hills, snow, mud, and sand with ease.

While that’s cool and all, I couldn’t help but wonder how this thing would fare if the terrain were to be full of technical twists and turns. I mean, yes, there are handlebars here, but they appear to be designed to be held onto rather than used to steer the vehicle.  

It doesn't appear to have any steering mechanism other than leaning it on its side.

It doesn't appear to have any steering mechanism other than leaning it on its side.

Instead, in order to turn the Unitrack, the rider will have to lean it on the side of its track—not exactly ideal for switchbacks and hairpins. Nor even navigating through a forest's tight single track.

And if it turns out to be as heavy as it looks, well then let's just say you'd best get your legs out of the way lest this thing pins you down in the middle of nowhere.

And it’s precisely for this reason that I think the Oruga Unitrack won’t really be anything more than a novelty recreational vehicle. Adventure, enduro, and dual-sport motorcycles are pretty damn capable of traversing any terrain they chance upon. And for folks looking for a bit of extra utility, well, there are tons of ATVs and UTVs that offer more stability, cargo space, maneuverability, and comfort than a vehicle like the Unitrack ever will.

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Nevertheless, if you’re someone who’s all about weird and funky vehicles, then the Oruga Unitrack could very well be for you. Luckily, Oruga’s taking production seriously, and hopes to release the first batch of Unitracks by mid-2025. In fact, orders are being taken now via the company’s official website.

Would you ride something like this? I’d be down to give it a try, but chances are I’m sticking to my trusty dual-sport motorcycle.

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