On October 13, 2023, MV Agusta announced its latest limited-edition machine. It’s the MV Agusta Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata, and it celebrates the 80th anniversary of MV Agusta’s very first motorcycle. Clearly, a lot has changed between 1943 and 2023, so here’s some information on both bikes. 

As history buffs might already have guessed when we mentioned the year 1943, proximity to wartime made personal transportation for everyday people in Italy difficult. Thus, Domenico Agusta was one of many people who thought that a motorized two-wheeled vehicle was a great potential solution. In 1943, the MV Agusta 98cc single-cylinder bike was born—but full-scale production didn’t commence until after the war was over. 

The 1945 MV Agusta 98 came in a rather striking shade of burgundy—and it’s this color that MV Agusta sought to echo in 2023, as it considered how best to create the Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata. Only 300 of these bikes will ever be made and sold worldwide, and MV says that it’s already presold most of them to “the brand’s most loyal collectors.” 

Gallery: 2024 MV Agusta Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata

The color on the 2024 MV Agusta Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata is called Rosso Verghera. It is, MV says, “applied by hand in multiple phases.” It’s a color developed exclusively for MV Agusta, using materials and techniques that are meant to enhance the metallic sparkle.  

MV Agusta is certainly no stranger to limited edition bikes, and as has become standard for its limited editions, MV is including a certificate of authenticity, number plaque, and a special Race Kit box included with the purchase of this machine. 

What’s inside the Race Kit? There’s a special motorcycle cover just for the Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata, a tail cover, the certificate of authenticity, a special Arrow racing exhaust that’s only for track use, and a dedicated racing engine control unit (ECU).  

Now, we must note that if you’re in North America, MV Agusta did something a little different for the Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata. Unfortunately for North American customers, the Arrow race exhaust is not included in the box. Instead, it’s only available as a Technical Accessory that you can purchase for an additional charge from MV.  

Further information is available directly from MV Agusta on its website, where you can indicate your interest and be referred to a local dealer in your area.

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