Ever since MV Agusta first showed off the original Superveloce 800 Serie Oro back in 2019, it’s been turning heads around the world. For good reason, too, because it’s one of those rare designs that’s instantly arresting. Unsurprisingly, almost as soon as it was introduced, the admittedly gorgeous thing started racking up design awards left, right, and center. 

If you’re MV Agusta, how do you top a performance like that? In 2021, the Varese-based OEM came up with an answer in the extremely limited edition Superveloce Ago. Crafted in honor of the (still) winningest MV Agusta racer of all time, living legend Giacomo Agostini, its unique performance features and color scheme only enhanced the beauty of the original Superveloce design. It, too, went on to win awards—including scooping the EICMA 2021 Most Beautiful Bike Award

When it was introduced, pricing started at 32,100 Euros, which worked out to about $37,269 in October 2021. With a bike produced in such limited numbers, though—it’s clear that very few people would ever get the chance to enjoy a bike like this, even if they had the cash for it in the first place. What if you just wanted to hear it, though? That, friends—that's something that Iconic Motorbikes is here to help you do today. 

Gallery: MV Agusta Superveloce Ago

For those unfamiliar, Iconic Motorbikes is an auction house and specialty motorcycle service provider located in Santa Monica, California. In July 2023, the team is currently in the process of building out a cool shipping container-based customer lounge/waiting area, where moto-minded folks can relax, hang out, and admire some of the finest rolling art on the planet in person. Recently, they invited former MV Agusta North America technical director Ken Pieschke to offer some assistance on a few F4 problems they were having—and he showed up at their door with his zero-mile Superveloce Ago, as you do. 

Although it’s a zero-mile bike, and its owner is keen to keep it that way, Pieschke does a few things you’ll want to see and hear in this video. For one, he installs the Race Kit that came with the bike—including swapping in the race ECU, as well as installing the gorgeous Arrow exhaust and carbon fiber tail piece. For another, he fires his Ago up on the lift—both with the stock exhaust, and with the race exhaust. Grab your headphones, grab your snacks, grab your favorite beverage of choice, and let those sweet, sweet soundwaves just wash over your ears to wake you right up.

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