KTM’s involvement in Italian motorcycle brand MV Agusta has been quite a hot topic in recent months. It was revealed that KTM had bigger plans for MV Agusta, apart from selling the Italian brand’s bikes in North America. As it would turn out, KTM had plans of acquiring a majority stake in MV Agusta. Now, the Italian brand’s CEO Timur Sardarov was quick to respond to allegations surrounding KTM’s speculated takeover.

Sardarov explained that KTM wasn’t taking over, and that MV Agusta would remain headquartered in Italy. In fact, he was more than welcoming of KTM’s involvement, explaining that funding from the Austrian motorcycle giant would go a long way in helping MV Agusta achieve both its short and long term goals. In much more recent news, MV Agusta announced that it would be upgrading its factory in Schiranna near Lake Varese, which at present, encompasses a 130,000 square-meter plot of land, and is equipped with more than 20,000 square meters of facilities.

MV Agusta To Modernize Its Historic Factory In Italy

Timur Sardarov explained that the improvement of MV Agusta’s facilities will undoubtedly give birth to new models, enabling the company to bring these bikes to market much sooner. “The future of MV Agusta has never been brighter and has many exciting times in store for us. The company is working on the development of new models which, depending on the situation of the respective markets, will see the light of day in the months and years to come,” Sardarov explained.

Apart from upgrading MV Agusta’s production capabilities, the brand will also put up a museum highlighting the brand’s rich heritage, as well as showcasing the newest, most performance-oriented models in its roster. Of course, the main objective here lies in growing the MV Agusta brand in terms of volumes. MV Agusta has hopes of selling 15,000 motorcycles a year, a number that will surely be achievable thanks to KTM’s involvement.

After all, with a dealer network consisting of 180 points of sale, KTM is one of the most visible European motorcycle brands in the world. Hopefully, with its expertise, MV Agusta will grow in popularity, while still retaining its unique identity.

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