Few motorcycles are as famous and timeless as the Triumph Bonneville. Triumph provides the Scrambler series, which is evolved from the legendary Bonneville line, for those looking for a more rugged ride.What better way to personalize your Triumph Scrambler than by installing a classy aftermarket exhaust system that gives this already charming motorcycle a bit more bark?

Zard is a well-known exhaust manufacturer, especially among fans of neo-retro motorcycles and scramblers. The Italian exhaust expert specializes in producing exhaust pipes that have a particular vintage and rugged character. Zard has debuted their newest product: a slip-on system built exclusively for the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC. This system easily connects to the stock manifold, keeping the bike's off-road-ready look with side-exit exhaust pipes.


Despite its practically stock look, the Zard slip-on system provides a significant shift in terms of sound. It gives the Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC a more intense and aggressive roar over the whole rpm range. This not only improves the bike's road presence, but also adds character to the already soulful 270-degree parallel-twin engine.

Zard offers its exhaust system in a variety of finishes to accommodate a variety of tastes. The most subtle and minimalist choice is the bare stainless steel finish. However, for those looking for a more unique design, Zard provides carbon end caps and a black ceramic coated silencer body. Zard places a premium on the use of high-quality materials in their exhaust systems. For instance, the black ceramic surface is particularly intended to endure extreme temperatures, having a surprising potential of withstanding up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Zard exhaust systems are priced differently depending on the finish. The price for the bare stainless steel finish is 838.35 Euros ($923 USD). If you want the carbon end caps, the price rises to 943 Euros ($1,038 USD). For those interested in the black silencer body, the price climbs to 1,168 Euros ($1,286 USD). It's important to note that pricing and availability may vary depending on your region, thus it is best to consult Zard's official website for the most current and up-to-date pricing and availability information.

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