If you wanted superbike performance that's tailored for the street, chances are you'll have to resort to one of the excessively powerful hyper-nakeds in the market today. Of course, to say that having close to 200 horsepower on a motorcycle makes it "street-focused" is absolutely absurd, nevertheless, these bikes exist to quench the thirst of the most power-hungry enthusiasts. 

One of the flashiest and most popular models in this segment is undeniably the Ducati Streetfighter V4. Offered in three variants in the global market, the Streetfighter takes everything race-ready about the Panigale V4, and wraps it up in a package that's slightly more practical for street use. That being said, the Streetfighter V4 is one of the most potent street bikes in the world, and now, Ducati has made it even more potent by offering a new Sport package for this hyper-naked beast. 

Ducati Introduces Sport Package For Streetfighter V4

As if the Streetfighter V4 wasn't already performance-focused enough, Ducati has gone ahead and made it sharper, lighter, and louder than ever. Among the inclusions of the Sport package are lightweight, billet aluminum tank caps, brake and clutch levers, and handlebar counterweights. These fancy add-ons aren't just for bling, but they add a tad of adjustability and stability into the mix. Of course, the most standout part of the Sport package just has to be the Akrapovic exhaust system. 

Here, Ducati gives clients two options when it comes to the exahsut system. One of them is an underbelly system that sits where the stock muffler used to be. This one offers weight savings of 800 grams, while keeping things relatively quiet. Meanwhile, those with the cash to burn and who want to make their bike as loud as possible can fit the full-titanium setup that bumps up power and torque by six percent, while losing 5.5 kilograms of weight. This exhasut system features a twin tail exit setup, a race-derived polyester air filter, and a custom race map to account for the new exhaust system. 

Ducati Introduces Sport Package For Streetfighter V4

Ducati's in-house customization options for the Streetfighter V4 don't end with the Sport pack. The House of Borgo Panigale also offers a wide selection of carbon-fiber components, including front and rear fenders, a TFT display cover, tank cover, seat cowl, winglets, and even a license plate holder. Of course, Ducati says that all these parts reduce weight and marginally increase performance – but we all know people buy them because of the sporty look they give the bike.

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