Are you on the hunt for a new pipe for your Vespa GTS 125 or GTS Super? Check this out because Polini has a new exhaust system for the two models. Equipped with everything you need for a flawless install, the promise of enhanced engine response and performance, plus Polini’s signature look, it’s an easy pickup for anyone who’s in the market for a polished pipe. 

Polini’s been in the game for quite some time now. The brand has been scooting along since 1945, so this year marks its 78 years. Right after the second great war, Battista Polini started the company and it’s been doing great until today. Known for their performance modifications for scooters of many brands, not just Vespa, you can get pretty much anything from them. Anywhere from variator kits, aftermarket bolts, covers, trimmings, and of course, mufflers. 

Dubbed the Motori muffler is specifically designed for the Vespa GTS 125 and GTS Super scooters. Polini advertises that the muffler improves performance by increasing top-end power and engine pickup. 

On top of the performance gains, the Motori muffler also boasts Euro 5 compliance, and it also features a catalyst that contributes to emissions compliance. The muffler also has an aluminum end cap for noise compliance, and also a carbon fiber end cap for some welcomed Italian flair. 

The exhaust note is said to be a little gritty but still pleasant for riders who like their scooters to be heard. 

If all of this has titillated your senses, and your credit card details are ready, let’s tell you the price. The Euro 5-homologated model goes for 730 EUR plus VAT, and the bare-bones kit will set you back 539 EUR plus VAT. Translated to American, the system goes for $805 USD for the homologated model, and $595 USD given current exchange rates. 

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