If you’ve ever tried researching for the best Vespa parts, you may have come across Polini. The brand has been around for quite some time now, and it’s one of the go-to marques that aficionados and performance nuts gravitate towards. 

The brand’s well-known for making Vespas and other scooters go faster. Polini is Italian, which explains its specialty for retro scoots both old and “neo.” Some of the brand’s classic designs have already gone back into the lineup. This is one such example of that, an “evolved” racing muffler for the Vespa 125 Primavera ET3. 

Polini recommends this system for Vespa 125 Primaveras with ET3-tuned engines. It’ll work best with the tune, offering a 100-percent made-in-Italy product that delivers extra performance. 

Coated in black, the muffler is iconic in its shape and design. The Polini logo is displayed prominently on the side of the muffler, and the exhaust tip makes a sharp turn from the end, resulting in a very distinct look that many Vespa fans and tuners tend to like. 

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Polini took this design and increased the manifold diameter to 29 millimeters, and the conical section of the pipe has been redesigned, and it expands to a large-diameter exit towards the muffler. The result is a pipe that flows better, and Polini promises high performance but at a manageable and pleasant noise level. 

The exhaust system sold by Polini is a bolt-on affair, and it’s a direct replacement for the original muffler of the 125 Primavera ET3. The kit fits on the original frame, so no cutting and welding will be required. 

The price as listed on Polini’s website is set at €169 EUR + VAT (about $181 USD + VAT). The part number for this product as listed on the website is 200.2034/R Vespa 125 Primavera ET3.

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