From the beginning, Vespa has occupied a unique place in the history of vehicles on two wheels. Sure, it started as a practical and yet stylish way for people to get around in the aftermath of the second World War. However, there’s always been more to it than just that. An important part to remember is that Vespa isn’t afraid to have fun.

That playfulness is a major reason why it maintains its icon status, even though 2022 is a pretty long way from 1946. Take a look at various iterations of Vespas over the years, and you’ll see that it’s often a bright and colorful exception to the drab and serious rules seemingly imposed by many competitors. In short, it stands out by standing out—and that’s how you find yourself looking at the brand-new Vespa Primavera Color Vibe special series. 

The concept, on its face, seems fairly simple. All three displacements of Vespa Primavera—the 50, 125, and 150cc versions—are part of this series. Within the Color Vibe are two distinct two-tone colorways: Arancio Color Vibe and Bianco Color Vibe—or, Orange Color Vibe and White Color Vibe, se non parle Italiano.  

Gallery: Vespa Primavera Color Vibe

Both two-tone liveries take footboards in an exclusive Ottanio (turquoise) colorway, as well as exclusive wheels finished in a glossy metallic version of the same color. Additional turquoise accents are present on the bodywork, just a little bit of seasoning to further set each dynamic color duo off just right.  

Other accents on both colorways are black, from the bezels around the lights, to the crest, to the silencer cover, to the passenger grab rail. Even the saddle is black, and it’s finished off with careful anthracite stitching. All in all, the color composition here is about maintaining a careful balance. It’s big and it’s bold, but it’s not overwhelming—it is, as Goldilocks reportedly prefers, just right. 

Pricing and availability information hasn’t been announced just yet, but as with all things Vespa, your best bet is to reach out to your local Vespa dealer in your region with any questions you may have. If you’ve been waiting for a Primavera with a bright, two-tone paint job, then the Color Vibe series may just be for you.

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