The Piaggio Group unveiled its newest Vespa 946 model, the 10° Anniversario, at EICMA 2022. As you may recall, the Vespa 946 project first began in 2013, so this 10th anniversary edition was planned in advance of 2023.  

To one degree or another, all Vespa models draw upon the brand’s rich design legacy—but the 946 in particular went back to the simple, joyous lines found on the original Vespa from 1946—hence the name. It’s simple, it’s elegant—and in the 2000s, it has incorporated modern conveniences and technologies and made them fall in line with its inimitable style. 

The Vespa 946 10° Anniversario follows in this tradition. It’s offered in an exclusive shade of green “which is soft and velvety, but has a hint of acidity that makes it highly original,” according to the Piaggio Group.  

Gallery: Vespa 946 10° Anniversario

It comes in both a 125 and a 150cc version, with electronic fuel injection and Euro 5 emissions compliance. The monocoque body is made of sheet steel, but contains numerous aluminum elements for both elegance and lightness. The handlebar, saddle support, side panels, mudguard, and wing mirror stems are all made from aluminum.  

As with most Vespas, the joy of the 946 10° Anniversario is in the details. The 12-inch wheels are aluminum alloy with split rims, designed to echo the lines of the drum brakes that stopped riders on the very first Vespas.  

Of course, since it’s the 2020s, this particular scooter comes with a set of 220mm disc brakes, as well as ABS and ASR traction control, full LED lighting, and an LCD display. A stripe of green to match the body color is present around the rims of the wheels. The elegantly swooping saddle and handgrips are hand-sewn affairs, as well—adding an exclusive and charming touch. 

Pricing and availability information for the Vespa 946 10° Anniversario has yet to be announced, but will surely vary by region. Your best bet, if you’re interested in finding out the most accurate information for your local area, is to reach out to your local Vespa dealer for assistance with any and all questions you may have, about this or other Vespa models. 

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