Polini, one of the premier brands in the scooter tuning scene, has a new variator kit for the Euro 5 Yamaha XMAX 125, promising increased acceleration for the little 125cc maxi scoot.

Variator kits can be put on to improve the acceleration of bikes with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), and Polini has a wealth of options for Yamaha motorcycles, but also Vespas and other Piaggio motorcycles as well. Being one of the more prolific names in the scooter racing scene, there are more than just variator kits, and if you’re curious about what the brand has, check out the website and be prepared to relieve your wallet of a few bucks should something (or somethings) peak your interest.

Going to the kit, it’s meant for the Yamaha XMAX 125 which is a suitable maxi scooter for A1 license holders in Europe, and it’s friendly 125ccs of displacement and its twist-and-go operation is a great selling point for beginners, though if you want that little 125cc engine to have a little more oomph, check out the variator.

Polini’s variator kit improves the acceleration performance of the scooter by putting the transmission into a more aggressive gear ratio. It’s like changing the sprockets out on a traditional motorcycle, you can go up a tooth or down a tooth for more acceleration or top speed. The engine’s output will still be the same with only the kit installed, but you do get a gruntier low-end pull which can help make your rides a little more interesting stoplight-to-stoplight.

In the box, you’ll get a spring that’s 18 percent stiffer than the OEM-supplied unit. You also get nylon rollers with aramid fibers which come in at 8.2 grams each. After that, there is also a chrome steel pin as well as the new variator.

The price of this upgrade will cost you $149.13 USD (€145 EUR) given the current exchange rate. The full name of the kit is the Polini Maxxi Hi-Sped variator for the Yamaha XMAX 125 Euro 5. You can place your order at the official website of Polini.

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