Few things are as timeless as a classic Vespa. Similar to how air-cooled Porsches have gained massive following all over the world, classic Vespas, such as the Special, Primavera, and ET3, continue to enjoy massive popularity, even decades after the original versions have been discontinued. What’s awesome about a classic model being so popular is the fact that both OEM and aftermarket support continues to be really strong.

When it comes to Vespa, few brands are as synonymous as Polini. The Italian aftermarket specialist has pretty much built its entire reputation on the Vespa brand, with tons of performance upgrades designed specifically to elevate the riding experience this tiny scooter could offer. Its newest product comes in the form of a new clutch housing specific for the Vespa Special, Primavera, and ET3.

Polini Offers New Aluminum Clutch Housing For Classic Vespa Models

Polini's new aluminum clutch housing can easily be swapped out with the stock part, and comes with a rack actuator that allows the clutch control to slide smoothly and with minimal friction. These technical attributes make it suited for racing engines with high-spring-load clutches. The aluminum clutch housing, on the other hand, is suitable for everyday usage, too. Despite being a performance-oriented device, Polini states that the aluminum clutch housing provides fluidity and suppleness while working the clutch.

The clutch housing from Polini is sold as an assembly which includes the control lever, stainless steel return spring, and the silicone gasket. It should be a simple, bolt-on installation, given how easy it is to work on classic Vespas. However, given the age of some of these scooters, it may be best to take it to a specialist, in the event something in the install process doesn’t go according to plan. Polini’s new clutch housing is now available from retailers and the official Polini website for 139 Euros, translating to around $149 USD.

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