Scooters can be a heck of a lot of fun. Sure, they may look like boring, sluggish, city runabouts. However, their practicality and sensibility can’t be denied. Plus, the fact that they’re so small makes them super nimble and agile. It isn’t surprising that a vast performance-oriented aftermarket exists for a wide array of scoots.

Polini has a lot of track racing experience, and it leverages that knowledge to enhance and expand its offers to individuals who, even if they don't race, want to increase the performance of their scooters. If you're looking for performance modifications for scooters, especially European scooters, Polini is sure to provide what you need.

The variator is a critical component in most automatic transmission systems found in scooters, ensuring that power from the engine is effectively transferred to the back wheel. Thanks to a few innovative solutions, Polini's new Maxi Hi-Speed Variator kit, designed exclusively for the Piaggio Beverly and MP3 with the current generation 400 HPE Euro5 engines, promises to provide increased fluidity and wear resistance.

For starters, the new Maxi Hi-Speed Variator's lubrication mechanism uses the interior pocket of the piston pin as a lubricant reserve, which keeps the entire system lubricated at all times, thanks to an internal spring that controls distribution even under extreme conditions. To improve friction and wear characteristics, the chromium-nickel steel pin has been treated with a sophisticated carbon-based DLC treatment. The rollers are made of a particular blend of nylon and aramid fibers, and their sliding effectiveness is improved thanks to a special polishing procedure that the sliding tracks go through.

According to Polini, the Maxi Hi-Speed variator's qualities ensure faster and smoother acceleration for the Piaggio Beverly and MP3 400 HPE, as well as greater wear resistance and, as a result, a consistent return over time. The Polini Maxi Hi-Speed variator is available for 229.40 Euros, making out to around $246 USD, on the Polini official website for those interested.

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