Yamaha has recently unveiled the Fazzio 125, the newest member of its commuter scooter lineup. The new Fazzio stands out from the rest of the entry-level scooter lineup with its stylish design, premium amenities, and impressive technology. Yamaha's newest budget-friendly scooter is developed to address the ever-changing mobility demands of today's on-the-go society.

Yamaha has ditched its athletic, angular bodywork in favor of a more effervescent and streamlined approach to design. While the Fazzio's style isn't entirely retro, its oval headlamp, two-tone paint schemes, and general form are evocative of vintage scooters. The Fazzio's general appearance is much warmer and inviting, while a plethora of vivid colors complement the Fazzio's energetic personality. Yamaha offers the attractive commuter scooter in three colorways: Cyan, Red, and Ivory White.

Yamaha Debuts Chic And Stylish Fazzio 125 Scooter

The scooter's engine is an air-cooled, fuel-injected single-cylinder unit that generates 8.2 horsepower and 7 ft-lbs of torque. Peak torque statistics are obtained at 5,000 rpm in the middle of the rev range, indicating that the Fazzio will be quite simple to ride. It also has an electronic starter and requires 0.84 liters of oil for each change. What makes the Fazzio particularly interesting is the fact that Yamaha has thrown in a hybrid system into the mix. It gives you a boost of electric power after three seconds of hard acceleration. This is delivered through its Smart Motor Generator (SMG), which doubles as the starter.

Finally, the Yamaha Fazzio has a completely digital instrument panel. While it does not have a sophisticated TFT screen like more expensive machines, Yamaha has fashioned it in a way that gives it a tasteful aesthetic. It comes in a rectangular pod and has a black and white text motif. It displays just the proper amount of information to keep you safe and informed while driving. The Fazzio 125 is priced at PHP 88,900 in the Philippines, which equates to $1,778 USD.

Yamaha Debuts Chic And Stylish Fazzio 125 Scooter
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