On June 13, 2022, Tokyo-based startup Striemo announced its first product, a three-wheeled e-scooter named, funnily enough, Striemo. Backed by Honda and founded by a handful of Team Red's engineers—Striemo is the second company to come out of Honda's IGNITION startup incubator—the new micro-mobility product is relatively light, foldable, and features Honda's self-stabilizing technology.

Technical information on the new e-scooter is currently relatively scarce, but sources claim that it weighs 20 kilograms (44 pounds) and can travel 30 kilometers (nearly 19 miles) on a single charge at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour (around 15 mph). Charging time is a claimed 3.5 hours. Riders operate the throttle and brake manually and steer by shifting their weight like a skier.

The self-balancing system consists of two parts—the rear axle and a central pivot point. The axle features two wheels to mechanically limit falls. The central pivot is automated and constantly adjusts to keep Striemo upright, according to the company itself, "at all speeds and in all conditions".

Striemo claims that the scooter was designed to handle rough terrain and steep slopes, two terrains that stymie other, similar stand-up scooters. Strangely enough, Striemo will be classified as a motorcycle when it launches in Japan. This means that riders will need a Class 1 motorized bicycle license and a helmet to ride it on public roads. 

Striemo Scooter FL 34
Striemo Scooter Folded

Striemo preorders started on June 13, 2022, and the company is limiting the first run of scooters to 300 units at ¥260,000 (around $1,900). The scooters are slated to arrive on Japanese streets at the end of 2022, and should reach French, German, and American markets sometime in 2023.

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