For your scooter performance mods, Polini’s got a wealth of options in its catalog. The latest in its lineup of offerings is a new Engine Control Module (ECM) that is specific to Piaggio Vespa and Liberty 50 models.

Polini’s one of the premier aftermarket parts providers for scooters, for Vespa aficionados, and more. From variators to whole kits for engines, if you are thinking about it, Polini probably has it. This engine control unit is straight out of Polini’s racing department, and it is a control unit that can take advantage of upgraded valve trains since it allows the engine to reach speeds of up to 10,000 revolutions per minute.

There are three maps that you can play with once installed. It can be treated as a plug-and-play upgrade that has a preloaded mapping that’ll increase your rev limiter from 7,500 to 8,100 revolutions per minute. The speedometer will also be able to achieve higher speeds from 45 kilometers per hour (27 miles per hour) to up to 50/53 kilometers per hour (31.07/32.93 miles per hour).

Following that, map two will require you to take your bike to a professional. First off, you need to replace the engine valve springs according to Polini’s recommendations. The good thing is that the kit comes with upgraded valve springs in the box. If you do replace the engine valve springs, you can bring the rev limiter all the way up to 10,000 revolutions per minute with no valve problems according to Polini. By doing this, you can achieve a top speed of anywhere between 56 kilometers per hour (34.80 miles per hour) to 60 kilometers per hour (37.28 miles per hour).

Finally, map 3 requires that you get the 49-millimeter cylinder kit which will bring the displacement up to 80ccs. The engine control unit will be able to accommodate this modification as well and you can expect an even higher top speed of anywhere between 70 kilometers per hour (43.50 miles per hour) to 75 kilometers per hour (46.60 miles per hour).

If you want this for your 50cc Vespa or Liberty scooter, the price of this kit is pegged at about $310 USD (€311 EUR). Weirdly enough, however, while Motociclismo covered the product in their article (linked down below), the original page for the product (also linked down below) has been taken down. Perhaps there are a few more kinks that Polini needs to iron out, but stay tuned for its availability probably in the near future. 

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