Thornton Hundred Motorcycles has a rather interesting video. It’s a bit odd to see the brand go for a touring setup on one of its bikes. Once again, it’s a Triumph Bonneville Bobber—and it’s going on a 3,000-mile road trip. 

Preparation is needed on a long journey, and Thornton Hundred’s well-versed with the platform. After all, they did make the fastest Triumph Bonneville Bobber last year, took it to drag racing, and also took it on a hill climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. They did all of that before selling it for a hefty sum of about $50,000 USD. 

For Thornton Hundred to go for a touring setup seems a bit far from what we’re used to seeing from the company, however, there are some pretty meaningful upgrades and a well-thought-out plan for the build. The results speak for themselves at the end of the video, but the build includes a ton of luggage, a rack, a tank upgrade, and also an exhaust that you wouldn’t think would be suited for touring. 

Continuing on, the custom work begins with a complete teardown of the bike along with clean installs of all the wheels, straps, fork boots, and protection parts that were planned from the start of the build process. Thornton Hundred’s luggage brand of choice is Kriega, and they used US-5, US-20, and US-40 dry packs. Apart from the luggage, lights are also part of the equation to help the main beam along for the ride. 

Perhaps the wildest mod that was a carryover from previous Thornton Hundred projects is the Rotobox carbon fiber wheels. 

Straight to work on the bike and following a long build session, everything comes together and it looks great. I have to say, Thornton Hundred Motorcycles can really make something one-of-a-kind, and this touring setup is probably something that even I’d be able to rock on a daily basis.

Not only does this build look great, but it’s also quite functional with tons of storage spaces, upgraded lighting, and endless amounts of style. Plus the lighter wheels aren’t too shabby. More updates are expected from this build, and a more in-depth review will be posted in the future. 

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