For generations, the sound of a motorcycle’s engine has played a pivotal role in fueling our passion for two wheels. As is the case with most things in life: different strokes for different folks. Some people prefer the distinctive rumble of a high-displacement lazy V-twin, others prefer the guttural roar of a superbike-derived V4, while others enjoy the howl of a flatplane inline-four engine.

Several aftermarket companies have dedicated their entire existence towards chasing the perfect sound—regardless of the type of engine. Among the greats is the Italian exhaust specialists Termignoni. The brand makes premium aftermarket exhaust systems for nearly all major motorcycle manufacturers, and is known for its top-notch craftsmanship, improved performance, and head-turning sound. While the brand has recently begun rolling out exhaust systems for Japanese bikes, it’s best known for its offerings for European machines, in particular, Ducatis and BMWs.


Speaking of BMW, the R 1250 GS isn’t exactly on the top of the list when it comes to exciting exhaust notes. However, this didn’t stop Termignoni from trying to add some soul to this otherwise industrial-sounding powerplant. The Italian exhaust specialist has recently revealed two new exhaust options for the R 1250 GS, both of which are homologated for Euro 5 compliance. The new silencer boasts a streamlined, albeit rugged shape, and features two exhaust outlets. It comes standard with a welded non-removable DB killer, carbon fiber end cap, and carbon fiber heat shield.

Termignoni’s slip-on setup is available in two color options—Titanium Line, codenamed BW2208040ITC; and Black Line, codenamed BW2208040INC. Yes, I know, Termi could surely do a better job of naming their products. Nonetheless, the two exhaust systems look really good on the GS, as they accentuate the bike’s burly character. What’s even better is that they drop weight by a full kilogram. Granted, this is completely negligible given the sheer heft of the R 1250 GS to begin with.

Termignoni Presents Two Slip-On Options For The BMW R 1250 GS And GSA
Termignoni Presents Two Slip-On Options For The BMW R 1250 GS And GSA

As for pricing, both the Titanium Line and Black Line slip-ons retail for 878.29 Euros, translating to around $966 USD a piece. Do note that pricing may vary on your local dealer, as well as where in the world you’re shipping to.

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