Ever since Yamaha came out with the FZ-07 back in 2014, people have been swapping out the exhaust systems on the CP2. Yamaha changed the game when it came to parallel-twin equipped naked sportbikes with the CP2. All of a sudden, budget-friendly sportbikes no longer needed to sound like lawn mowers or sewing machines.

The secret lies in the CP2’s 270-degree crossplane crankshaft, hence the naming convention. Unlike a standard 180-degree parallel twin, a 270-degree parallel twin delivers the characteristics, and more importantly, the sound of a 90-degree V-twin. The CP2, in fact, has become such a staple in Yamaha’s model range that several bikes use it as their powerplant. The FZ-07 has since transformed into the MT-07, and after it, derivatives such as the Tracer 7 GT, XSR700, Ténéré 700, and most recently, the YZF-R7 have come to surface.

Aftermarket exhaust options for CP2-equipped Yamahas are far and wide—everything from your $200 Amazon special to top of the line exhaust systems from the fanciest manufacturers setting you back close to $2,000. For the YZF-R7, the newest poster child of Yamaha’s middleweight supersport segment, new race-inspired, yet street-legal exhaust systems have been popping up left and right. The newest of which comes to us from Italian exhaust manufacturer SC Project. The SC1-S has been a long-standing model in SC’s lineup, and now it has been designed as a bolt-on, full-system application for the YZF-R7.

It’s available in two options—carbon fiber and titanium-finished end cans. Regardless of your choice, though, the exhaust system features full stainless-steel headers which are cheaper, albeit just a tad heavier than fancy titanium ones. The exhaust system is equipped with a catalytic converter, as well as a removable sound insert making it street-legal and compliant with the latest Euro5 homologation requirements. From a styling perspective, it certainly elevates the sportiness of the YZF-R7, giving it a more classic sportbike silhouette as opposed to the stock underbelly bread box.


When it comes to performance, expect substantial weight savings from this premium exhaust system. SC Project claims a 2-kilogram weight reduction from the SC1-S full system. It hasn’t disclosed performance gains, though, so don’t expect your bike to transform itself into a hyper sportbike from this exhaust system alone. What we do know is that it sounds absolutely amazing, and really suits the burly character of the YZF-R7.

As for pricing, it isn't cheap. As with all genuine SC Project products, the SC1-S commands quite the premium—1,260 Euros, or around $1,400 USD to be exact. The price is regardless of whether you choose the titanium or carbon-fiber tail pipe. Do note, though, that prices may vary on your dealer as well as where in the world you’re from.

SC Project SC1-S Full Exhaust System For Yamaha YZF-R7
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