The Yamaha MT-07 is loved by many riders, both beginner and advanced, all over the world thanks to its approachable nature and peppy engine. Ever since breaking cover in the global market in the 2015 model year, the MT-07 has been Team Blue’s best-selling model in many parts of the world. Equipped with a 689cc parallel-twin motor, this otherwise plain, ordinary street bike was made special thanks to one defining feature: a crossplane crankshaft.

A parallel-twin equipped street bike has become a staple in the modern-day naked bike scene. Other Japanese manufacturers, namely Honda and Kawasaki have been known to use this type of motor on their entry-level to mid-tier street bikes. These engines, however, make use of a 180-degree parallel twin, which is often criticized for lacking soul and character. With a crossplane 270-degree crankshaft, the MT-07 delivers the peppiness and sound of a V-twin, in a compact parallel-twin configuration. The result of this is an undeniably exhilarating exhaust note made even better by the plethora of aftermarket exhaust options available for this bike.

The latest aftermarket exhaust option for the Yamaha MT-07 comes to us from Italian exhaust specialist SC Project. Now, SC Project has a reputation for making some extremely loud exhaust systems. However, its latest offering for the MT-07, the SC1-S, is surprisingly tame. It’s even street-legal and Euro5 compliant. The sound it makes is impressive, too, and is just the right balance between socially acceptable and exhilaratingly loud. The SC1-S setup makes use of a two-into-one arrangement with a slip-on muffler exiting on the right side of the bike.


As you can see, the exhaust cleans up really nicely, giving the bike an illusion of size when compared to the stock underbelly setup. Of course, the most important thing is the sound—and boy, does it sound good. The SC1-S accentuates the burly exhaust note inherent in the CP2, and gives it an exhilarating growl at low revs which smoothly transitions into a howl at the upper reaches of the rev range. The SC Project SC1-S is a perfect fit for both the 2021 MT-07 and the Tracer 7 GT. For a premium exhaust system like this, you’ll need to fork out the amount of 1,460 Euros, or approximately $1,733 USD.

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