The 2021 BMW S 1000 R is truly one of the top dogs in the hyper naked segment. While the thought of close to 200 horsepower on a motorcycle meant for the street seems absolutely bonkers (which it really is), there’s no denying the the level of sophisticated technology and performance the Bavarian company has put into this machine will put a proud smile on would-be owners’ faces.

Out of the box, the BMW S 1000 R is quite the neck-breaking performer. With 165 horsepower on tap, the S 1000 R brings near superbike performance to the street. That being said, your shiny new BMW S 1000 R can be made even better with Akrapovič’s titanium racing exhaust system. We’re all familiar with the Slovenian exhaust manufacturer. With dozens of options for both performance motorcycles and cars alike, countless hours of engineering and design goes into each and every Akrapovič product to ensure the best performance, lightness, and sound quality.

Check Out Akrapovič’s Titanium Racing Line For The 2021 BMW S 1000 R

The company claims the same with the Titanium Racing Line for the 2021 BMW S 1000 R. The company states that the Racing Line exhaust system is “designed for riders who demand maximum performance.” This performance is likewise delivered in three areas. The first is reduced weight, with the Titanium exhaust system shedding a total weight of 5.1 kilograms versus the stock exhaust system.

The second would be through a significant bump in power and torque. Akrapovič claims that the full-system will give the S 1000 R a bump in power of 6.3 kW, or 8.44 ponies at 6,750 rpm. Likewise, torque receives an equally impressive bump at 9.4 Nm, or around 7 ft-lbs of torque at 6,650 rpm. Lastly, Akrapovič also states that the full-system also improves throttle feel and power delivery all across the rev range. The manufacturer does, however, recommend that an ECU remap be performed for even better results.

Of course, apart from improving overall engine performance, the Titanium Racing Line exhaust system also improves sound, giving the S 1000 R’s 999cc inline-four engine an unmistakable banshee howl just like that of its WSBK stablemate, the M 1000 RR, which also makes use of a bespoke Akrapovič system. The exhaust pipe also heightens the bike’s premium look and feel, thanks to its unique shape, embossed emblem, and hand-crafted carbon fiber end-cap. Other options such as slip-ons, and optional header upgrades for the 2021 S 1000 R are also available. All of which can be found on Akrapovič’s official website linked below.

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