Did you know that high-performance exhaust specialist Akrapovič is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021? The company formally incorporated in 1991, in a workshop that was just slightly over one kilometer (or 0.62 miles) away from its current HQ in Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia. 

Back when founder Igor Akrapovič first started down this path, he didn’t set out to specifically become an exhaust specialist. Like so many of the greats throughout motorcycle racing history, he himself started as a racer. As you might guess, the situation kind of escalated from there. When you can’t find the parts you need on the market, if you’re passionate enough, you may just try to figure out how to make them on your own. 

“Back in the beginning, I was tuning complete motorcycles and using the money I earned to compete in races. Tuning was almost as interesting to me as racing itself, and so it was kind of natural for me to buy a tube bending machine. That’s how it all started. I look back at the company’s three decades of development, especially its racing history, with great pride because races are the toughest testing ground for a product,” Igor Akrapovič said in a statement. 

Gallery: Akrapovič 30th Anniversary

In its three decades of existence, the company has continued to move seemingly from strength to strength. First, it tackled motorcycle racing exhausts, eventually moving into high-performance car racing exhaust, and also high-end consumer exhausts for both motorcycles and cars. In under 30 years, the company has been part of over 140 world championship titles in a variety of racing disciplines, including MotoGP, , DTM, and others.  

To celebrate, the company plans to release two special Evolution Line Titanium 30th Anniversary exhaust systems in extremely limited quantities later in 2021. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR/ZX-10R and Ferrari F8 Tributo exhausts will be limited to just 30 examples of each type. Pricing and availability information will be released later in the year.


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